A collaborative & innovative fella to coordinate processes among our creatives, customers and more, as we grow our startup to a $Billion Valuation


We are the first of our kind platform revolutionizing Social Media marketing and management for Small business owners.

We help them create, publish and boost social media content through our application and processes, which allows more affordable pricing and large-scale production.

Job Description

We like to think of ourselves as innovative and disruptive. We prefer initiative NOT tasks and roles. We don't have stuff figured out and wish you came aboard to figure it out with us - together as we move.

MOVE - That's what's important.

Let's Start Here

For now, these are what we need help with, and the kind of person we’re looking for.
Roles & Responsibilities

Take initiative to do what's necessary in your ability to win Company Objectives

Quality Control - Ensure that what is delivered to the customer is quality

Managing an on base and remote team of creatives

Step-in or improvise for creatives whenever necessary.

Review and creatively contribute to already written copy or graphics work

Write creative Copy for SocialClark and it's Customers

Learn and use SocialClark tools for content and creatives administration

Coordinate between creatives, SocialClark and customers

Contribute solutions to company Problems

Ensure good customer support concerning our service and technical Issues

Requirments & Qualifications

At least 3 years of experience in digital marketing, especially social media.

You have good copywriting skills enough to write and can judge what good is

You have managed a team or ran digital marketing campaigns.

You know and have run Social Media Ads (At least Facebook Ads)

You are a critical thinker, and take on problems as challenges to overcome

Degrees, MBAs, etc are a plus. But won't get in the way of Passion and skill

Freequently Asked Questions

01 FAQ How Much is the Salary?

As a startup it is a rule of thumb to spend as little as possible, yet make as much as possible. it’s called cash flow. But we’re looking for a key person to collaborate and innovate with the team long-term so maybe we need to be flexible, So you can include your ask in the applications, We also have employee stock if you are interested in owning a share of our startup.

02 FAQ Is the Job Physical or Virtual?

As an integral part of the team, you will be required to be at our current location (Innovation Village, Level 3, Block B, Ntinda Complex), especially in the first and second months. It is for this reason that we’d value it so much if your place of residence is not far from Ntinda, Kampala.

03 FAQ How do I invest in SocialClark?

Not really frequently asked, but comes up once in a while. Yes you can. As a team member, you can invest your skill and time for SocialClark shares as we look to save as much hard cash as possible. If you are an investor email ethan@campaignity.com

03 FAQ Can I work Part-time?

No. We’re looking for a fully committed person that will work full time, with all their mind and soul into it.


If you think you got it in you